Friday 11 April 2014

Meet Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren Wallett and I write this blog for you! 

I am passionate about writing, story telling and conversation and as a result, write 4 full time blogs and contribute Collaborative Consumption's blog as a global ambassador.  My business is called Malva.
I feel that what we do is a reflection of who we are, so for me, Malva is more than just ‘what I do’ – I see it as ‘who I am’ too… Simply put though, I offer various marketing services. 

I love talking about the “Malva philosophy” which is very collaborative in essence. For company details on what I do, you can check out the proof is in the pudding page of my website.

I adore co-working from The Sett and one of my favorite things about living in Durban is that this space exists. I am a person who likes to share what I love and when I am a fan of something, I like to talk/tweet/post/update my status about it! I found my happy place when I discovered The Sett and am thrilled that I am able to officially market it to everyone now. I feel that the reason I able to to complete all my work and still enjoy time off, is because of the focus and clarity I get when working in the Sett's unique environment. 

I like connecting with all creatives, whether it be to share skills, bounce ideas, get feedback or collaborate on a project together and soon I will be looking to grow my business by including graphic designers, copy editors and pro active social media experts to the Malva team. 

I am looking forward to sharing inspiration with you on this blog. If you have any suggestions or feedback you are welcome to email me directly

P.S: Check in next week where I share some Spot On inspiring quotes from a few of my greatest influencers. 

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